Divestiture advisory is a key service provided by Patria. The main objective of most transactions is to find partners for further development of the company.

Patria has a dedicated team of corporate finance professionals, who work together with the client from the initial company’s analysis and valuation, over screening of potential buyers to final negotiations so as to facilitate a successful divestiture process.

Based on long standing experience with similar projects and a detailed knowledge of the local market, Patria provides unique services according to international standards.

Patria is the leading investment bank in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in terms of number of transactions.

Patria usually leads the full transaction process, which includes the following steps:

  • Company valuation
  • Preparation of an Information Memorandum and other marketing documents
  • Identification of potential investors and screening of their interest
  • Structuring of the transaction and timing of the transaction process
  • Negotiation with potential investors
  • Support with the company presentation and investor site visits
  • Coordinating and managing client's legal or other advisory services
  • Settlement of the transaction