Equity capital market transactions


Patria is a leading broker on the Prague Stock Exchange in the Czech Republic and as a part of KBC Securities group is a leading broker in Central Europe.

Patria has actively participated in all of the last 5 IPOs on the Prague Stock Exchange.

Most recently, Patria assisted New World Resources N.V. in the raising of €1.6 billion via IPO – the largest IPO on the London Stock Exchange, Prague Stock Exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2008.

Patria Direct is a leading local retail equity broker, the platform for successful IPO and professional trading services for our clients in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Primary and secondary equity issues present an effective way of:

  • Raising new capital for further expansion
  • Creating value for the company shareholders and ensuring its long term growth
  • Liquidity moment for shareholders at partial or total exit
  • Balance sheet restructuring
  • Strengthening company PR
  • Employee motivation

Buy-outs and Squeeze-outs

Thanks to its proximity to capital markets, we can provide to our clients complex assistance in special equity capital markets operations including voluntary and mandatory tender offers, squeeze-outs of minority shareholders, delisting and deregistration of shares and management and employee stock option programs.

To our clients, we offer both advisory on strategy, cost optimization and process coordination and execution of the process which involves communication with the regulator and markets and settlement of payments/transfers to minority shareholders.

Patria has provided complex advisory on a number of mandatory and voluntary buy-backs and squeeze-outs in the Czech Republic since 1995, including settlement and execution.

The largest deal was buy-back of ČEZ shares for c. CZK 67 bn.